Ms. King

Lori King, Art Teacher


Lori King
Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! 

As the art teacher, I have one of the best jobs! The tricky part this year is trying to figure out how to teach art in person part-time, and at home part-time. I'm spending hours upon hours trying to figure out how to customize the very best class for your child. I've realized that requiring the kids to do some research at home prior to constructing their art project in person, might be a blessing in disguise! The kids usually hate the brainstorming/researching part of our projects. They just want to get messy and start creating (and who can blame them?) 
Students will have a sketchbook and an art workbook with learning activities to do at home part of the week. I will also be assigning some research while at home (possibly art history and/or appreciation, or I might just ask the kids to really look at an object/animal before we start to draw. ) I'm hoping that when I get to see their smiling faces we can jump right into our projects and let the magic happen!

I'm a teacher. 
I'm also a parent. Of a middle schooler!

One thing I've learned through the years is that my child excelled for teachers that he felt loved him.
I hope that every student feels safe, valued, and loved in my classroom.

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