Ms. King

Lori King, Art Teacher

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Lori King
Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! 

As the art teacher, I have one of the best jobs!
This year, I will be teaching some of the 6th grade Intro to Art Classes.
I will also be teaching the 3D Art/Sculpture classes and the Digital Media classes. 
I hope that every student in my class makes an effort to try something different and new. I hope that every student makes at least one project (hopefully more!) this semester that they are proud of.
I hope every student learns something they didn't know before. 
I hope every student feels safe.
I hope every student feels valued.

I'm a teacher. 
I'm also a parent. Of a middle schooler!

This is a crazy time in a young person's life.
Kids want their independence, but they also deeply crave acceptance and love. 
My desire is to create a positive time and place in this crazy thing called middle school.

The students at Rocky Heights create amazing art pieces.
While you are here, click the link on the side to check out our online art gallery at!