8th Grade



pencil jar


General Supplies:
- Chromebook with working charger
- Pencils to be replenished throughout the year
- Notebook paper
- Colored pencils

*As a team: Kleenex, printer paper and Clorox Wipes are always greatly appreciated throughout the school year.

Math:  Graph paper notebook (Algebra I students please purchase two)

Health/Wellness: Athletic shoes that tie (to be worn on PE Weeks)

Science: Loose leaf graph paper, 1 folder

Social Studies: 1- 1 inch or 1.5 inch three ring binder, one package (6) section dividers.
 ( We will set up binders on Tuesday, August 16 so please have these materials by then.)

Language Arts: 1 composition or spiral notebook (kept in the classroom)

Mountaineer Teachers

Welcome Back!

The schedule below is effective for 8th grade Mountaineer students starting Tuesday, August 9th.

bell schedule