Mrs. Qui (6th Grade)

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Mrs. Lori Qui


At RHMS we support students and their families in a variety of ways. Generally, our counseling support falls into three general areas:

Personal/Social Development  
Post Secondary Awareness

Our charge is to help students be the best they can be as a student and member of our larger community by providing them a safe place to express themselves and problem solve life situations.  We are part of a team which includes students, staff, and parents.  Working together, we provide each student with an incredible opportunity to reach beyond their own expectations.  

6th grade is a critical year in middle school.  It is focussed on transitioning from an elementary school setting to the middle school. This includes the academic, social, and emotional expectations that go with this next chapter in their lives.  During this time, academic successes and challenges will certainly play out.  Friendships will be made and relationships will evolve.  It is a year like no other.  As we progress through the year, please feel free to contact me by phone, email or just drop by with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child's progress here at RHMS. 
Thank you for choosing to be a NIGHTHAWK!

Lori Qui
6th Grade Counselor
DCSD Crisis Team Responder    
Cross Country and Track Coach