Ms. Rolf (8th Grade M-Z)

Mrs. Stephanie Rolf
8th Grade Counselor (M-Z)

    Stephanie Rolf Stephanie Rolf

I am one of the two 8th grade counselors at Rocky Heights.  I primarily work with students with last names M-Z and our other 8th grade counselor, Mr. Wilhelm, is assigned to students with last names A-L. However, please know we are open to working with students across the entire alphabet to meet their individual needs. Mrs. Ann Guenther is our 8th grade administrator, and together, will we do our best to provide the most supportive environment for your student.

This is my second year in middle school counseling and my fifth year at Rocky Heights! I was a 6th grade science & social studies teacher here at RHMS for three years prior to becoming a counselor. I have eight years of elementary teaching experience, as well. I have three kids (2 middle, 1 elementary) in DCSD and feel lucky to both live and work in our district. My husband, kids, and I love to hike, swim, and spend time outside with our dog, Izzy!

I like to tell the students that I am here to work with them in any or all of these three main areas: academic support, social and emotional needs, and career exploration. At RHMS, we're able to provide a wide variety of intervention services including:  

  • peer conflict/resolution
  • teacher/student/parent conflict
  • small groups
  • team building
  • identifying interests for future careers
  • team support                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

8th grade is a memorable year!! I will work collaboratively with you, your student and the teachers to best prepare your son or daughter to take on high school when they leave RHMS! We have a lot of awesome things planned and it's my privilege to walk alongside your student through this exciting year!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Stephanie Rolf, MA (M-Z)                            Click here to schedule an appointment                                                          

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