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~Ms. Lofstedt's Social Studies~


My name is Ms. Lofstedt (pronounced Lof-Sted) and I couldn't be more excited to have you in my Social Studies class this year! I graduated from Metropolitan State College (before it was University) of Denver with a bachelor's degree in History and Secondary Education. After I graduated, I worked for about 6 years are a team lead for Sephora’s Education Managers in the CO/AK/SD district. It was an incredible experience managing and educating adults in respectful coaching, hands-on learning, and individual career goal-setting. BUT, I desperately missed working with kids and decided to come back to educating middle schoolers. This is my tenth year at Rocky Heights and there is not a school more full of adults dedicated to loving your children. I spent the summer attending classes, reading, and researching to continually improve my teaching and lessons. Teaching is a calling but teaching middle school is a whole different animal! Their fire for life, roller coaster of emotions, and awkward pursuit into “teenager-hood” makes for the most incredible career I could have ever asked for. My “philosophies of education” are inquiry-based and whole-child instruction which are knitted throughout my teaching. I love to give students the tools to come to their own conclusions about questions historians, geographers, and economists have pondered (or still are!) as they will have to in the real world with much bigger and complex questions. In partnership together, we can give them the gift of struggle, growth, safety, and a passion for learning – I am grateful to be your partner in this exciting year of growth!