Mr. Riggert

Jeremy Riggert

Greetings Nighthawks! Rocky Heights has been my home as a teacher for twelve years now. While much has changed during that time, some things that haven't are my enthusiasm for helping students grow and the power and opportunity language gives a person in this world. Below you'll find some key information about my classroom and our curriculum.

Contact Information

Office Hours

  • I am usually available to speak by phone or arrange an in-person visit on school days during the times below.

Monday-Thursday: 9:05-9: 50, 2:00-2:45
Friday: 11:50-12:15, 2:20-2:45


  • Most all of the resources used in my classes can be accessed by students and parents on Google Classroom.
  • Daily lesson plans are posted on the class calendars.

8th Grade Language Arts: Cohort A / Cohort B
Advanced Language Arts: Cohort A / Cohort B