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Students will find that my classroom will provide a myriad of opportunities for engaging with math.  By providing many learning modalities, it is my hope that students will be able to turn abstract math concepts into more concrete knowledge.  Be prepared to play math games, participate in math labs, and learn some math songs that you will never forget.

My courses of study are Math 7, Accelerated Math 7 and Algebra. Both Math 7 and Accelerated Math 7 cover topics to include Rational Numbers, Proportional Relationships, Percent, Equivalent Expressions, Solving Equations, Population Sampling, Probability and Geometry. The accelerated class will study all of the Math 7 topics as well as some of the Math 8 topics to include Real Numbers, Pythagorean Theorem, Surface Area, Volume and Solving and Representing Linear Equations.  Algebra classes have three main themes of study, Linear, Exponential and Quadratic Equations.

Students that are in Math 7 will proceed to Math 8 in eighth grade.  Students that maintain a "B" average in Accelerated Math 7 will proceed to Algebra I in eighth grade. And, students that maintain a "B" average in Algebra will progress to Geometry in 8th grade.

Students will find assignments for my math class in Google Classroom.  This is updated frequently and is a good resource for students when they are absent from school.

Please contact me as needed through my school email.

                 [email protected]