Ms. Luber

Ms. Luber

Mrs. Luber
RHMS Speech Teacher


Welcome to the Speech elective at RHMS! In this class, students will learn how to deliver Presidential type speeches. This class will teach students how to outline, write and present speeches in a clear and concise manner. Students will learn a wide range of topics, including impromptu speaking, interviewing and spoken word.  This class will also cover the importance of cue cards, visual aids and other aspects of communication, including active listening.

About Mrs. Luber

Mrs. Luber has over twenty years of experience in the communications business. Before becoming a speech communications teacher, she worked as a Television News Segment Producer at KWGN-TV (Channel 2) and a Television News Writer at KDVR-TV (Fox31). She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from CU Boulder. She also has a professional Career & Technical Education certificate in Journalism & Broadcasting. Prior to teaching at Rocky Heights Middle School, Mrs. Luber was active in the teaching community at Redstone and Timber Trail Elementary Schools. Mrs. Luber is married to her husband Jayson and together, they have two girls, Jaylyn & Jolene. Jaylyn is a freshman at Rock Canyon High School and Jolene is a 6th grader at RHMS.


Class Materials
Pencils (5)
Yellow Highlighter
Colored Felt Tip Pens/Skinny Markers (5)
2-Pocket Plastic Folder
Pack of 3x5 Index Cards
Charged Laptop

Students will be using podcast equipment and Google Classroom for this class.