8th Grade



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Welcome Back!

The schedule below is effective for 8th grade Mountaineer students starting Wednesday, August 10th.

bell schedule

We are excited to have your child in class this year!
Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. You can access teachers' emails via the RHMS Staff Directory.

Angie Burt: Math
Zach Gross: Science
Stephanie Mills: Social Studies
Jeremy Riggert: Language Arts
Connor Sherry: Wellness

This year we will have a late lunch., so please send a snack with your child. We hope you find our classrooms to be safe, fun, and enlightening!

pencil jar


General Supplies:

- Working laptop and charger (you may check out a Chromebook for the year from the library at school)
- Pencils, notebook paper
- Colored pencils and markers

Math: graph paper notebook to be used only for Math - probably a good idea to grab an extra 

Wellness: Health: notebook & folder  / PE:  running shoes, athletic wear.

Science: Composition notebook 

Social Studies: 1.5 inch or 2 inch 3 ring binder, one package of section dividers 5 in number

Language Arts: 1 pocketed folder w/ brads, headphones/earbuds (for i-Ready, audiobooks, etc.)

*Kleenex, printer paper and Clorox Wipes are greatly appreciated throughout the school year. Also, we will be playing games and would love any donations of small prizes (food and non-food) to give our students.