Ms. King

Lori King, Art Teacher

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Lori King
Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! 

As the art teacher, I have one of the best jobs!
This year, I will be teaching three of the 6th grade Intro to Art Classes.
I will also be teaching all of the Art B (3D Art/Sculpture) classes.
I hope that every student makes an effort to try something different and new.
I hope that every student makes something they are proud of.
I hope every student learns something they didn't know before. 
I hope every student feels safe.
I hope every student feels valued.

I'm a teacher. 
I'm also a parent.
I promise to treat your child the way I would want someone to treat mine.

Middle school is a crazy time in a young person's life.
Kids want their independence, but they also crave love and acceptance. 
I hope art is your child's favorite part of their school day! 

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