Mr. Roe

Mr. Roe,Social Studies,7th Grade Adventurers 

Skiing Keystone

         My name is Dylan Roe. This is currently my second year teaching at Rocky Heights Middle School! I graduated from Metropolitan University of Denver in 2018 with my bachelors in history and a licensure in secondary education.  Our area of content  in 7th grade history are various ancient civilizations in the eastern hemisphere. We will talk about civilizations and their unique contributions to the world as we know it such as the Greeks, Romans, Medieval Europe, and many more. I have
1st and 2nd period off (office hours). A few days throughout the week I will have meetings during these periods, but if I do not have any other prior engagements I will be available during this time. 

My email is if you need to contact me for any reason. This is the most effective form of communication.