What We Are Reading This Month!

Purple Light

Welcome to September!

This month we are loving a resource published by the National Association for Gifted Children called the "Gifted Children's Bill of Rights." This document is powerful and we encourage you to read it (and discuss it!) with your gifted child. 

You can find the "Gifted Children's Bill of Rights" linked HERE. Enjoy!

Happy August!

It's no secret that Covid 19 has forced educators and school leaders to rethink the entire educational process. New norms like social distancing, constant sanitization, remote learning, and hybrid learning can increase anxiety in ALL students, and particularly in our Gifted Learners. 

The NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children) recently released an article titled "Supporting Your Gifted Child During Covid 19." This article is full of tips and tricks for providing social, emotional, and mental support for children during this time. 

Check it out HERE!