Dear Gifted and Talented Students and Families,


As we roll into the month of September, I am excited to start the process of updating ALP goals with your students. If you are receiving this communication, your student has an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) in place for the 2020-2021 school year.


Beginning this week, I will be visiting Team Time classes to introduce myself to your students, provide information and resources related to setting ALP goals, and also make sure students have access to the new and revised ALP goal-setting document we will be using this year. Team Time visits are scheduled as follows:


6th Cliffhangers: Week of 9/14

6th Trekkers: Monday 9/14 and Tuesday 9/15

6th Blazers: Week of 9/14


7th Adventurers: Tuesday 9/8 and Wednesday 9/9

7th Expeditioners: Wednesday 9/2 and Thursday 9/3

7th Seekers: Week of 9/14


8th Explorers: Monday 9/21 and Tuesday 9/22

8th Mountaineers: Monday 9/14 and Tuesday 9/15

8th Navigators: Wednesday 9/9 and Thursday 9/10


We are asking that you partner with us (myself and our classroom teachers) to ensure that your student is working on the ALP goal-setting document and creating meaningful and purposeful SMART goals for this school year. Because we have less opportunity to help and assist our students in-person this year, your guidance at home will be more important than ever before! 


To best support your student in the goal-setting process, please ask to see their personal copy of the 2020-2021 ALP Goal-Setting Document. Students should have this document saved in their Google Drive. In their Titan Time classes, I will have already walked students through the personal information section, the self-reflection section, and discussed with them in detail what it means to set a SMART goal. We will also have spent time looking at the difference between academic learning goals and affective (social-emotional) goals. This year, students are required to set one academic learning goal for each area in which they are identified as gifted and talented. They will also need to set just one affective goal. Helping your student formulate these goals and complete the goal-setting document no later than September 23rd would be a huge help and support to our GT team.  Additionally, we will be working within the building to support students in their goal setting endeavors during subsequent Team Time class periods and during individual support sessions if needed. 


If your student is participating in the 100% eLearning option this school year, they still have access to the same resources and goal-setting documents through their grade-level GT Google Classroom. Additionally, I will be reaching out to schedule support sessions for our eLearning students during REACH time on Fridays. Please look for additional information coming your way very soon!


Please feel free to contact me with questions or needs as they arise.




Emily Manuel

Professional Learning Specialist

GT Facilitator