September 8th, 2021


Dear Gifted and Talented Students and Families,


As we roll into the month of September, I will be working closely with our classroom teachers and our building-level GT team to support our students as they set academic learning goals and social-emotional goals for the 2021-2022 school year. 


Today (9/8) a copy of the RHMS goal-setting template was provided to each student via Google Classroom. An instructional video that assists students in how to start the goal-setting process was also uploaded to Google Classroom. Please take a moment to check in with your student regarding these important materials.


Throughout the coming weeks, classroom teachers will be working with your student to finalize their academic and social-emotional goals. The process for this may look differently depending on grade-level, team, and/or content area. Our classroom teachers are the most important component of our goal-setting process. As content experts in their respective areas they know best the types of academic goals that will fit naturally into their classroom curriculum but also inspire our GT students to tap into their talents and push themselves in their areas of identification. 


This year, students are required to set one academic learning goal for each area in which they are identified as gifted and talented. They will also need to set just one affective goal. The soft deadline for the goal-setting process is September 20th. Our hard deadline for the goal-setting process is September 30th. 


Please feel free to contact me with questions or needs as they arise. I trust this will be a fun and inspiring process for your student. Thank you in advance for your continued support and partnership at home. We are so thankful to have your student here with us at Rocky Heights Middle School!




Emily Manuel

Professional Learning Specialist

GT Facilitator

[email protected]