May 18th, 2021


Dear Gifted and Talented Students and Families,


It is hard to believe we are already wrapping up this school year. And what a unique and challenging year it has been! 


Yesterday, an end of year reflection activity was sent to all GT students via Google Classroom. This activity asks students to reflect on their academic and social-emotional goals for this school year. We want students to spend time thinking about the growth they experienced as a result of setting these goals and working closely with content area teachers to achieve them. We know that some students made great strides toward their goals. Some students made baby steps. We cannot reiterate enough that in a year such as this ALL of our GT students should be proud of what they accomplished. Please find a moment to check in with your child and remind them to complete this reflection as soon as they are able. Our RHMS GT team is also happy to help so please reach out to us if you have questions or concerns. 


Congratulations on making it through this unprecedented year. We hope you have a wonderful summer!




Emily Manuel

Professional Learning Specialist

GT Facilitator