What is due this week?

Friday, August 13th.     
Work Habit Grade:   1. Walking Field Trip Form 2. Rock Wall Participation form

Week of August 16 to 20--Period 2 and 7 (Health) Assignments: Letter to myself,  Health Triangle lesson
Period 3, 4, 5, and 8. (PE Classes).  We will do the one minute- sit-up fitness test on Friday, August 20th (content grade weighted 0)

Week of August 23 to August 27--Period 2 and 7--  PE Class--  Push-up fitness test on FRIDAY, August 27th
(this is a content grade and will be weighted zero)
Period 3, 4, 5, and 8. Due this week:
(Health Class) Health Triangle Assignment due Friday, August 27th (work Habit grade)
Health Triangle Quiz Due Friday, August 27th (content)
YESS Officer Lesson #1 Review-- (content grade) Due Block day of this week 

Week of August 30th to September 3rd

 PE Class (Period 3, 4, 5 and 8)
Push up Pre- test on Monday, August 30th (content grade/weighted zero
Mile Run--Friday, August 31st (content grade/weighted zero
Pacer Test--Block Day, (September 1st or September 2nd)
Flag Football Plays due on Friday, September 3rd (work habit grade)

Health Class (Period 2 and 7)
Monday, August 30th--  How to  Listen To Someone/ Class activity (work habit)
Tuesday,  August 31st--Participate in Flag Football (make up for missing class last week during YESS presentation)
Block Day on Wednesday--Conflict resolution class activity (work habit)/Expressing feelings Using I statements
Friday, September 3-- How to Use "I" statements when expressing feelings (work habit)
Content Grade -- I statement Comic Strip Example --Due Friday, September 3rd

Week of September 20 to September 24
Health Class (Period 3, 4, 5 and 8)
Due this week in health:   
Work Habit Grade--Creating "I" statements to express feelings
Content Grade-- Fitness Log/Goal setting (Due 9/21) Ever-fi Lesson #2 (Understanding and  Managing Emotions) and Ever-fi-Lesson #3 (Communicating Effectively)
PE Class--(Period 2 and 7) Participating in soccer unit, fitness and warm-ups