Welcome to March!

This month promises to be full of exciting opportunities for our students at RHMS. Most importantly, we are anticipating a return to full in-person learning for our students following Spring Break. This means we will finally have that consistent in-person connection that means so much to us as Nighthawks and as educators. 

During this month, we ask that you check in with your GT student to make sure he or she has completed the Progress Monitoring Activity that was sent out via Google Classroom last month. Encourage your student to continue to self-monitor his or her progress even though this activity may be marked as "complete." 

Within the building, teachers will continue to check in with students and support them in reaching their academic learning goals. Supporting GT students is truly a process that requires teamwork: parents, teachers, students, and counselors are all essential ingredients to making it work and turn out well. 

We applaud your student no matter where he or she is at in this process. This has been an unprecedented year in education. We will continue to celebrate and support your student as we continue on this learning journey at RHMS. 

Emily Manuel