November 16th, 2020


Dear Gifted and Talented Students and Families,


As you have already heard, Douglas County School District will be transitioning back to remote learning following Thanksgiving Break. While this is not an ideal situation for our GT students (or for any of our students!) we recognize that this shift provides yet another opportunity for our students to grow in their executive functioning skills, communication skills, and self-advocacy skills. We know that our students have the grit and perseverance necessary to be successful with remote learning. And yet, we also recognize that our students will need every ounce of the love, grace, flexibility, and support we can give them. 


As parents and guardians, we encourage you to begin having conversations now with your GT students about what they will need from you (and from us!) in order to be successful with remote learning. Additionally, we want to encourage our GT students to harness the power of self-advocacy with their teachers and counselors if they feel that they need some extra support with content, curriculum, learning, or social emotional hurdles. And now, more than ever, we ask that our GT students be self-starters and that parents and guardians be that extra set of eyes and ears as they start to tackle their academic and social emotional goals for this school year. 


The Rocky Heights GT Team is always here to support you. We are endlessly thankful for the time we’ve had in person with our GT students this year and we look forward to continuing this great educational journey remotely with all of you after Thanksgiving Break. 




Emily Manuel

Professional Learning Specialist

GT Facilitator