What We Are Reading This Month!

Purple Light

December (and a return to virtual learning) is officially here! We hope that this first week of virtual learning is going well for each of you. This month, the RHMS GT Team is ready and willing to help support your gifted child in any way we can.

This month we wanted to share in inspirational quotation with you. We hope it serves as a wonderful conversation starter and causes you to reflect on the amazing natural qualities of gifted learners in the same way it did for us!

Being gifted creates obligations, which means you owe the world your best effort at the work you love. You, too, are a natural resource." - Barbara Sher

November got away from us, didn't it!?! The RHMS GT Team hopes that this update finds you healthy and well. 

This month came with the announcement that we will be returning to remote learning following Thanksgiving Break. While we know this situation is not ideal for our Gifted Learners (or for any of our learners!) we are confident that our students can be successful in the remote environment. Grit, perseverance, self control, accountability, and organization will all come into play. 

To help kickstart your GT student's preparation for the return to remote learning, take a moment to read this short publication put out by the National Association for Gifted Children. This article details some of the most crucial aspects of remote learning for gifted students. We hope you will find this article both helpful and inspiring in the weeks to come. 

Access the article HERE!

It's October! We hope you are enjoying that new crisp feeling in the air. Fall is certainly a magical time in Colorado. 

This month we are diving into a book that not only speaks to parents of gifted learners, but can be a source of excellent inspiration for all parents. This book, called 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don't Do, is written by psychotherapist and licensed social worker Amy Morin. Morin challenges parents to consider their current parenting practices, and whether or not those practices might actually be helpful or harmful to raising mentally strong children. By presenting 13 things not to do, Morin identifies the unhealthy thoughts, ideas, and feelings that can hold parents back from raising mentally and emotionally strong children in our increasingly complex world.

If you would like to check out this book further, you can access it on Amazon. Our local Douglas County Libraries also have some copies. HERE is the Amazon link! Happy reading!


Welcome to September!

This month we are loving a resource published by the National Association for Gifted Children called the "Gifted Children's Bill of Rights." This document is powerful and we encourage you to read it (and discuss it!) with your gifted child. 

You can find the "Gifted Children's Bill of Rights" linked HERE. Enjoy!

Happy August!

It's no secret that Covid 19 has forced educators and school leaders to rethink the entire educational process. New norms like social distancing, constant sanitization, remote learning, and hybrid learning can increase anxiety in ALL students, and particularly in our Gifted Learners. 

The NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children) recently released an article titled "Supporting Your Gifted Child During Covid 19." This article is full of tips and tricks for providing social, emotional, and mental support for children during this time. 

Check it out HERE!