Quarterly Content

Class Content:
For specific weekly content please go to Google Classroom (parents you will not be able to see anything because to access google classroom you must be logged in to a Douglas County School District email. Hint: have your child login and you'll be able to see all their assignments).

The first quarter is primarily about cells and organelles (once we get past the "basics" of science).

Once we're through cells we'll build into higher complexity of life by getting into body systems and how they work together. This higher complexity should include things like comparative anatomy and adaptations over time.

We will be transitioning into historical geology and plate tectonics. This will include a generalized view of major events through the history of the Earth. With plate tectonics we'll be trying to get into cause and effects (including natural disasters like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes).

We'll move into physics with a primary focus on Newton's Laws of Motion.

OF COURSE... the timing of all of this could change this year. Again, check google classroom with your student for the most up to date information.