Parent Newsletter 12/11 - 15 

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Language Arts

Nic Hays

[email protected]

This week students are continuing their book club novel and complete their Week 4 notes. They will focus on important quotes, independent critics of the author's writing style, and abstract interpretations of a section of their book. Students will also complete an i-Ready Narrative Text assessment on block day. 


Matt Carlile

[email protected]

Math 8: We are finishing our transformation unit this week with a test on block day.

Math 8 Lesson Calendar

Algebra: We are finishing our polynomial operation unit this week with a test on block day.

Algebra Lesson Calendar

Geometry: We are finishing our triangle congruence unit this week with a test on block day.  

Geometry Lesson Calendar



Heather Haney

[email protected]

The retake of the Waves CER took place in class on Monday this week. 

There will be a quiz over Punnett Squares on Friday this week. 

The Genetics Test will be on Wednesday, Dec. 20 and it will be the last grade for 2nd quarter.  Students who are not able to complete the test before break will receive an ā€œIā€ for their 2nd quarter content knowledge grade.  Those students will take their test when we return in January and their grade will be updated at that time. 

Social Studies

Dave Callaway

[email protected]

This week students will be taking their end of unit assessment.  There have been study guides and review activities to help prepare.

We will then start moving on to the Foundations of Governments and begin to look at the Articles of Confederation.  We will also begin our next section of Guided Notes.

Next week we will be watching the musical Hamilton in class and during our Team Time.  A permission slip has been sent home and needs to be returned.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this.



Erin MIllage

[email protected] 

This week is jump rope routines!!! Healthy relationship infographics will be due this week. As always please let me know if you have any questions. 

Additional News

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