Parent Newsletter 9/5 - 8 

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Language Arts

Nic Hays

[email protected]

Students will read Tim Schaffer’s cover letter to LucasArts and compare/contrast to Denee Benton’s profile (read last week). Students will analyze texts  use of technical language and analyze how it fits in the unit’s question, “How do we choose the right words?” 

Students will continue reading their class novel and completing their note catcher in addition to analyzing technical language.


Matt Carlile

[email protected]

Math 8:  We are starting our next unit on linear functions. We will explore function forms, slope, and y intercepts.

Math 8 Lesson Calendar

Algebra: We are continuing our function unit with comparing functions and analyzing functions.

Algebra Lesson Calendar

Geometry: We are still working on chapter 2 about reasoning and proofs. 

Geometry Lesson Calendar



Heather Haney

[email protected]

Students who were absent for the Science quiz on Friday should plan on taking the quiz during team time on Wednesday.

Please remind students to check IC for missing assignments.

This week we’ll be starting our thermal energy transfer unit.

Social Studies

Dave Callaway

[email protected]

This week students will be completing a graded map of the Colonial America, and they will also be completing a graded Infographic about the Northern Colonies.

We will also be doing a mini lesson based on the events of September 11, 2001 and Patriot Day.



Erin MIllage

[email protected] 

This week we are fitness Pretesting. This year it is looking a little different. We will still be doing the push up and sit up test as normal. For our cardiovascular endurance test we will be running the 800 meter. This is a half mile run. Please let me know if you have any questions. If your student is unable to participate I need a doctor's note to include what they can and can’t do, and when they are able to come back to activity at 100%.  

Additional News

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