Week of 10/19 - 10/23 

Parents:  Our team wanted to support at-home learning, so please remind your student that they still have work assigned for each class when at home.  

Language Arts 

Always check our Weekly Agendas in Google Classroom for daily work assignments.  8LA - This week we are beginning our look at informational texts, writing claims, and a new punctuation review.  

ALA - This week we are beginning our work with informational texts, writing claims, and a grammar review.  


This week we will be starting tennis. Please make sure your students are working out at home on their virtual days. 


Math 8 will be continuing to study functions. We will be comparing functions and analyzing functions with our next days of study. The test will be in 2 weeks.

Algebra will be wrapping up the function unit. We will practice analyzing functions and reviewing with the test next week on Monday and Tuesday. Our next unit will be graphing linear equations. 

  • T - means turned in complete

  • I - Incomplete: not fully completed, missing something from the heading, no work shown

  • M - Missing

  • L - Late

Math 8 Calendar                                                                          Algebra Calendar


This week we’ll be learning about the difference between potential and kinetic energy.  Please remind students to check the Stream on Google Classroom on their at-home learning days since this is where they will find the directions for what they are supposed to do that day.  The Energy Quiz will be on Wednesday, Oct. 28th (A cohort) and Thursday, Oct. 29 (B cohort).

Social Studies

This week, students are reviewing the causes of the Revolutionary War, and starting to look at the beginning of the war.  In class, students will be working on a choice project in regards to the causes of the war.  At home, students will be playing a Choices game, and also working on fill in the blank notes.  

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