Week of 10/5 - 10/9 

Language Arts 

It’s hard to believe that we are done with Quarter #1.  We’ve worked on the following Colorado Academic State Standards:

Reading:  Standard #2  Reading for all purposes

  1. Analyze and evaluate literary elements and an author’s choices to understand literary text.

Writing:  Writing and Composition

  1. Write well-developed and logically organized informative/explanatory texts, conveying relevant content through precise language, domain-specific vocabulary, and formal style.

  2. Write engaging real or imagined narratives effectively using techniques such as relevant and sufficient descriptive details, sensory language, logical pacing and dialogue to detail actions and to develop and reflect on experiences and events.

  3. Produce clear and coherent final drafts that demonstrate a command of the conventions for grammar, usage, and mechanics as well as a style appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.

We’ve read one novel and written 4 short writes and one personal narrative.  The personal narrative is going to be put on hold until Quarter 4.  During that time, we will reflect on our learning to that point and revise the narrative.

Quarter #2 is going to bring informational texts, short writes, one long write, and hopefully another novel (student choice).  Students will also begin working on iReady, Commonlit.org (district approved website), and more grammar, mechanics, and commonly misused words.  


Thanks for a great first quarter. We will have our second YESS presentation. We will watch the Social Dilemma


  • T - means turned in complete

  • I - Incomplete: not fully completed, missing something from the heading, no work shown

  • M - Missing

  • L - Late

Math 8 Calendar                                                                          Algebra Calendar


Students will be taking the Pedigree Chart Quiz this week which will be the last content grade for this quarter.  B cohort will take the quiz on Tuesday and A cohort will take the quiz on Wednesday.  This week students will be starting our next unit on energy during their at homes days.

Social Studies

Wow, I cannot believe it is already the end of the 1st Quarter!  It has been fun getting to know all of the students and getting the school year into gear.  Have a happy and safe Fall Break!  This week in Social Studies, students will be examining the causes of the Revolutionary War and looking at the Continental Congress.

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