Week of 9/28 - 10/2 

Attendance Reminder: Please remind your student to log into IC and check in before 10:00am on the days they work from home.  

This Friday, Oct. 2  is the last day to turn-in late or missing work.  

Language Arts 

We are finally able to get working on our personal narratives!  The students have been watching mini-lessons and completing work to help prepare them for writing their personal narratives.  Today, students watched a mini-lesson on “Transition Words.”  For Tuesday, students will watch another mini-lesson and then begin working on their rough drafts.  On Wednesday, I will be back in the building and will give students an opportunity to work with me in a small group to support their understanding of sentence types and structures.  Then, they will have the option to retake the quiz from last week for a better grade.  I have no doubt most students will take advantage of this as I have had many emails requesting a retake.  I will repeat this on Thursday for Cohort B, and by next week, we will have the final copy of their narratives due in Google Classroom.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.  


This is our last PE week of the quarter. We will be doing our sit up pretest in the second half of the week.  


Math 8 is starting our second unit on functions. We will wrap up the unit after fall break. Algebra is continuing our work on functions. We will hopefully wrap up the unit the week before fall break.

  • T - means turned in complete

  • I - Incomplete: not fully completed, missing something from the heading, no work shown

  • M - Missing

  • L - Late

Math 8 Calendar                                                                          Algebra Calendar


Students will continue working on pedigree charts this week.  Grades have been entered for Superhero GMO Part 3 and this Friday is the last day to turn in that content grade.  Students will be completing part 4 of the Superhero GMO project on Wednesday or Thursday of this week and it will also be a content grade.  The last assessment of the quarter will be next week over pedigree charts and Punnett squares.  If your child is struggling with pedigree charts or Punnett squares, please have them join Ms. Haney during WIN time.

Social Studies

This week students will continue to look at the causes of the Revolution.  Students will research and analyze sources to learn about major events.  Next, students will create a protest style poster to support or oppose a viewpoint about the topic of their choice.  Students will also be analyzing primary sources and viewing a short video about the French and Indian War.  

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