Week of 9/7-9/13 


Language Arts 

Our focus on narratives continues this week with the second of three reader’s responses due on Sunday, September 13.  Our personal narrative has taken off with students using self-paced mini-lessons.  Please email me if you have any questions about either of these projects.   At-home work time should be limited to 45 minutes for these assignments.  Students should also be keeping up with their novels based upon the original assignment from 8/31 - 9/4.    


This week we are working on completing the “my plate” assignment and reflecting on how our plate works with our health triangle. This week we will also have the YESS officer working with our students about our digital life.  


Math 8 - We are continuing solving equations. We are looking at multistep equations with distributive property and combining like terms. We will have a quiz virtually Friday for a content grade. 

Algebra - We are wrapping up our Equation unit with word problems and review. The test will be next Tuesday for B cohort and Wednesday for A cohort. 

In the grade book, you will see different symbols for the assignments.

  • T - means turned in complete

  • I - Incomplete: not fully completed, missing something from the heading, no work shown

  • M - Missing

  • L - Late

Math 8 Calendar                                                                          Algebra Calendar


This week we’ll be learning about Punnett squares and probability tables. Students should also have completed the “Mendel and Heredity Intro Quizizz”.  In order to earn the “T” for the quizizz, students must earn at least 80% and students may take the quizizz multiple times.  Please remind students to check the “Stream” on Google Classroom to see what we’re working on that day. 

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