Week of 8/31 - 9/3 


Language Arts 

This week, we are completing the iReady Beginning of the Year Assessment.  Students will begin working on the assessment at school (Monday or Tuesday), and then, they will be able to complete it at home.  The assessment takes approximately 45 minutes.  The data will be used to reflect growth mid-year and again at the end of the year.  All data will be shared with parents and reflected upon by students.  We are also beginning our narrative reading unit (see Google Classroom) and continuing our narrative writing.  


This week is a PE week. Please make sure you are ready to move when you are here. We will have our first fitness test. The push-up pretest will take place on your second in person day. 


This week we are continuing solving equations in both Math 8 and Algebra.

Algebra will assess our first unit next week if everything goes according to plan. Math 8 will assess in two weeks. 

In the grade book, you will see different symbols for the assignments.

  • T - means turned in complete

  • I - Incomplete: not fully completed, missing something from the heading, no work shown

  • M - Missing

  • L - Late

Math 8 Calendar                                                                          Algebra Calendar


Last Friday during virtual classes, students completed the lab safety quiz.  If a student missed any questions, they will need to redo those questions in person with Ms. Haney.  This week we’ll continue working on genes, DNA, and chromosomes as well and begin to learn about Mendel and Heredity.  For more specific information, please have your child show you the daily announcements that can be found on the “Stream” in Google Classroom. 

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies we will be working on our Common Writing Assessment.  This pretest will help guide our reading and writing instruction.  We will also be looking at the culture of various groups in the Colonies.  Students will be reading and completing a graphic organizer at home, and taking notes in class.  Towards the end of the week, students will have an assignment where they will be making an advertisement that will be designed to lure people to colonize a specific colonial area.  

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