Parent Newsletter 3/25 - 29 

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Language Arts

Nic Hays

[email protected]

Students will continue reading their non-fiction novels. They will also make a second post on their group’s novel blogs. The second post will require students to research a topic from their book. We will focus on research skills and developing a post using the information found. Block day will cover how to develop a paragraph with depth.


Matt Carlile

[email protected]

Math 8: 

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Algebra Lesson Calendar


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Heather Haney

[email protected]

This week we’ll be continuing our Weather Unit.  Please remind your student to check IC for missing assignments. 

Social Studies

Dave Callaway

[email protected]

This week we are jumping into Westward Expansion.  We are going to be doing two quick mapping activities and definitions.

We will also be working on our Westward Expansion guided notes, and an Oregon Trail journaling activity.  



Erin MIllage

[email protected] 

This week is PE week. Students that did not take the anti drug test before break will take the test on block day. This week will be a work out week. Let's sweat this week!!!

Additional News

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