Parent Newsletter 3/11 - 15 

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Language Arts

Nic Hays

[email protected]

We are wrapping up quarter 3. Students should have finished their first novel blog post on their book. Students will learn an effective way to begin research using the Question Formulation Technique for research. This will help students with their Blog post 2, which will begin after Spring Break. Students will also use the SOAPSTone analysis technique, introduced last week, to analyze a nonfiction article.


Matt Carlile

[email protected]

Math 8: We are finishing our System Unit with our test on block day. It should be a Q3 grade

Math 8 Lesson Calendar

Algebra: We are finishing our Quadratic Unit with our test on block day. It should be a Q3 grade

Algebra Lesson Calendar

Geometry: We are finishing our Ch 6 Unit with our test on block day. It should be a Q3 grade

Geometry Lesson Calendar



Heather Haney

[email protected]

Students took the Wind & Pressure Systems Quiz on Monday this week and it will be the last content grade of this quarter. If your student was absent for the quiz, please have them make arrangements with Ms. Haney to make up the quiz.  This week we’ll be continuing our weather unit. 

Social Studies

Dave Callaway

[email protected]

This week we are taking our end of unit assessment on Monday and Tuesday.  We will then finish up the quarter by viewing a movie about the Trail of Tears.  Have a safe and relaxing Spring Break!



Erin MIllage

[email protected] 

We are wrapping up our addiction and drug unit.  We will have our test for this unit on block day. After spring break we will return to PE week. 

Additional News

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