Parent Newsletter 2/26 - 3/1 

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Language Arts

Nic Hays

[email protected]

This week students will continue their foray into their book club novels. Students will complete their word dissection assignment of analyzing Greek and Latin affixes and roots. Students will have direct instructions on conjunctions and adverbs. Groups will begin their novel blogs, which will have research topics related to their nonfiction novels. 

On block day, students will analyze the Address to the Nation on the Explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger for summarizing skills and text structure.


Matt Carlile

[email protected]

Math 8: We are practicing our Elimination Method. We will quiz on block day to see how we are doing

Math 8 Lesson Calendar

Algebra:  We are converting standard form to vertex form quadratics using the technique completing the square.

Algebra Lesson Calendar

Geometry: We are starting Ch 6 Properties of Polygons. It is very proof heavy and we will assess right before spring break.

Geometry Lesson Calendar



Heather Haney

[email protected]

There will be a quiz over Seasons during block class this week.  The study guide will be attached to Tuesday’s daily announcement on the Google Classroom stream.

Our next topic is weather. 

Social Studies

Dave Callaway

[email protected]

This week we are wrapping up our exploration of the Lewis and Clark expedition.  We will then be looking at the War of 1812 and getting through more of our Early Republic notes.  We should conclude the week with the Monroe Doctrine and the Missouri Compromise. 



Erin MIllage

[email protected] 

This week in health we will be discussing and examining addiction and the effects of addiction on family and friends. 

Additional News

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